photo by Jørgen Teller, layout by Andreas Nordström

Two evenings with immersive listening experiences in the spacious facilities at in-discourse studios, located in the former railway workshop at “Lokstallarna” in Malmö. Presenting new and former works by swedish, danish and greek composers, performed in an acousmonium, a large scale multichannel sound system of 30+ loudspeakers, installed for this event at in-discourse which was chosen for it’s exceptional acoustics and unique atmosphere.

Acousmatic Stories presents two branches: “Radio Plays” and “Stories of Flights, Ferries, and Fish”.

Acousmatic Stories: Radio Plays are presenting works created for large multichannel loudspeaker orchestra, approaching the listeners by taking over the physical space with sounds around and above the listeners, while preserving the potentials of the radio play to move, interact and overlap between completely different environments, places, times and people.

Stories of Flights, Ferries, and Fish is an artistic endeavour conveying stories of commuting people (and fish), and exploring the Nordic landscape, its island complexes and archipelagos, its climate, and the various geophysical phenomena that forge it. The project pivots on audio-logs, spoken word, sound-art, electroacoustic compositions, field-recordings, interviews, photography, and all sorts of other artefacts to be presented to audiences alongside tastings of local fish.

Saturday, October 12th

SØS Gunver Ryberg – “Fragments”
Kent Olofsson – “Skellefteå / Malmö” and “Karlskrona / Malmö”

in-discourse, Södra Bulltoftavägen 51G, Malmö – doors 19:30, on stage 20:30 – entrance 80 sek – map

Saturday, October 19th

Marinos Koutsomichalis – “sāk vitt ok vītt of verǫld hverja”
Lise-Lotte Norelius – “The Hatchery”
Jørgen Teller – “Codhead, Lighthouse and Baby Grand”
Jakob Riis – “Life beyond starboard and fish”
Niels Bjerg – “Hvidt Sand, Vand og Asfalt”

in-discourse, Södra Bulltoftavägen 51G, Malmö – doors 19:30, on stage 20:30 – entrance 80 sek – map

Full program – Saturday, October 12th

SØS Gunver Ryberg: “Fragment”

A composition where stories eventually become fragments and new stories arises.
“Fragment” is an exploration of the physical properties of sounds as well as a challenge to our listening ability and capabilities of creating stories in our imagination. As sounds contain stories, the sound fragment separates it to a degree where the sources of the sounds can no longer be identified and categorized, and a new way of listening occurs. This composition consists of fragments of sounds that strives to uplift the linear narrative to parallel states and stories, stimulating the imagination with abstract, but recognizable sounds yet hard to judge – Can the sounds detach into their own free beings? Where and what is the freedom of sound?

Sound diffusion by Jakob Riis.

SØS Gunver Rybergs groundbreaking and genre-crossing electronic music is internationally recognized. She performs worldwide at festivals, clubs, museums as well as site specific locations. Her latest album is released on the Berlin / UK based label AVIAN. –

Kent Olofsson – “Skellefteå/Malmö” and “Karlskrona/Malmö”

Skellefteå/Malmö and Karlskrona/Malmö are two multichannel pieces that can be described as mixtures of radio play and electroacoustic music, created by playwright Jörgen Dahlqvist and composer Kent Olofsson. Through fictive but hyper realistic stories and a multitude of sounds and voices, a picture emerges of the tension between countryside and city and how the contract between people changes in a polarized society in Sweden of today.

Karlskrona/Malmö is a 40 minutes radiophonic work especially created for the Acousmonium at the Inter Arts Center, while Skellefteå/Malmö was part of a theatre performance, the opening of the second act of the play. The former was created for 32 speakers, the latter for an eight-channel main circle of speakers with an additional number of smaller speakers placed on stage as kind of “talking heads”, partly interacting with the live actors.

Texts: Jörgen Dahlqvist.
Music, direction, sound design: Kent Olofsson
Actors: Linda Ritzén, Malin Molin, Frida Stavnes, Carina Ehrenholm, Liv Kaastrup Vesterskov, Cecilia Milocco, Rikard Lekander, Erik Holmström, Saga Gärde, Wayra Monasterio, Tim Dillman, Kent Olofsson.

Kent Olofsson is a composer with an extensive artistic output that span a broad field of genres, ensemble types and contexts including music for orchestra, chamber music, electroacoustic music, music theatre, alternative rock music, music for baroque instruments and works for dance performances and installations. –

Full program – Saturday, October 19th

Marinos Koutsomichalis – “sāk vitt ok vītt of verǫld hverja”

A hybrid performance pivoting on a multi-level exploration of the North Nordic landscape and the artist’s own personal (un)makings of, and creative responses to, it, in terms of photography, video/audio recordings of various acoustic, electromagnetic, geophysical, and anthropological phenomena, text, stones, seafood, and scientific sonification/visualization of data concerning energy consumption, weather change, seismic activity, fish migration, and spatial distribution of marine population.

Marinos Koutsomichalis is a media artist, scholar and creative technologist. His practice is hybrid, nomadic, and ethnographic, involving field-work, creative coding, critical theory, making, lecturing, live performance, workshopping, artist/research residencies, ‘Doing-It-With-Others’, and hands-on experimentation with materials and technologies of all sorts. He has hitherto publicly presented his work, pursued projects, led workshops, and held talks worldwide more than 250 times and in all sorts of milieux: from leading museums, acclaimed biennales, and concert halls, to churches, industrial sites, and underground venues. –

Jakob Riis – “Life beyond starboard and fish”

A new work presenting an imaginary journey, based on field recordings, processing and synthesis, taking the listeners to places where appearances can be deceiving and navigation gets difficult.

Jakob Riis is an electro-acoustic musician and composer with a strong focus on improvisation and electronic real-time processing of instrumentalists as well as of sound in general. Since the 2000s his musical works has moved towards an experimental musical scenario, developing personal, digital computer-based-, as well as analogue tools for his work on integrating electronic and acoustic musical idioms. Works for solo performances, small groups, ensembles and acousmatic loudspeaker orchestras in a gray zone between experimental sound art, free jazz and contemporary music. –

Niels Bjerg – “Hvidt Sand, Vand og Asfalt”

“Hvidt Sand, Vand og Asfalt” (White Sand, Water and Asphalt) is a new work by Niels Bjerg featuring soprano Annemette Pødenphandt, a small choir and an orchestra of loudspeakers. The work is performed in a kind of super-surround sound format, where acoustic sounds blend with the speakers and are moved around the audience and very close in a choreography performed by the choir and singer. The work originates in the fishing village Hvide Sande, from where forklifts, seagulls and container ships forms an unmistakable soundscape.

Annemette Pødenphandt – soprano

Choir – Sanna Leena Rinne, Kristina Grünenberg, Sebastian Persson, Christer Berg, Jakob Riis, Jørgen Teller

Niels Bjerg is a highly innovative guitarist and composer of electronic music exploring combined musicality and spatiality in sound and performance, in the acclaimed performance group WE GO that was founded in Amsterdam 2004 by choreographer/dancer Kirstine Kyhl Andersen and Niels Bjerg. –

Lise-Lotte Norelius – “The Hatchery”

Sonic memories from “The Hatchery” – a failed attempt to farm salmon in the Inagh valley, Connemara (Ireland). The building, the water towers, the ponds and a lot of scrap are still there and the house now serves as a residence for science, research and art residences. The place is now called “The hatchery of ideas”. Perhaps even some particularly inspiring fragments from the audio archives of Stories of Flights, Ferries and Fish’s will surface.

Lise-Lotte Norelius established herself as percussionist early in her career, but since the 2000s has mainly treated live electronics and all kinds of objects. She studied electro-acoustic composition at KMH in Stockholm 1998-2002 and composed music for loudspeakers, musicians with live electronics, poetry, theater, installations and dance performances. The love for small, pitiful, comical or ugly sounds, rhythmic structures and long lines often characterizes her music, which can be both beautiful, raw and brutal. –

Jørgen Teller – “Codhead, Lighthouse and Baby Grand”

Jørgen Teller presents his final work for the Stories of Flights, Ferries and Fish project. It also presents his first step into a new work form and process he has named “Exploratory and Assembly” The work is based on a recording of an exploration of the sonic possibilities in the Skrova Firehouse based on a task-based score, and performed by Dante Jeune, Sixten Kallmoes and Kristina Grünenberg. This recording will be heard in various ways, sonically treated and raw in the acousmonium.

“Assembly” is just like when a genius chef discovers that grilled fennel work wonders when served with an anchovy across. Thus a special recording of very hard attacks in the low register of a Baby Grand Piano – with certain open harmonies in the upper register – is what makes the serving of a Firehouse recording stand out.
The Codhead represents the scream from the inner gut and the poetry of killing and selling fish for money. The words will be delivered by unexpected voices from the deep sea.

Jørgen Teller. Danish musician, sound artist, performer and composer. Tellers compositions have been performed in dance theater, conceptual events, intermedia and multichannel loudspeaker concerts at clubs, festivals and theaters both internationally and in denmark. He has composed numerous electro-acoustic pieces, music and sound art for choreographers ond directors in more than 40 danceperfomances and prodructions –

Supported by: Malmö stad, Nordisk Kulturfond, Nordic Culture Point, Past Machine HB, in-discourse and Inter Arts Center.